A Future Filled with Cyborg Bugs?

cyborg snail

Researchers led by Evgeny Katz, the Milton Kerker Chaired Professor of Colloid Science at Clarkson University, have implanted a biofuel cell in a living snail. (Photo courtesy of Clarkson University)

Imagine a world inhabited by tiny insects outfitted with cameras, microphones, or other sensors. Though it might sound like a scene straight out of a science fiction novel, researchers are edging ever closer to making this scenario a reality.

Recently, researchers at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York successfully implanted a biofuel cell into a living snail. This biofuel cell extracts energy from glucose and oxygen found within the snails hemolymph (blood). Electrical energy is generated when electrodes are attached to an external circuit. [Read more…]