Who You Gonna Call? Moldbusters!

moldy room

Think you have a ghost? It’s probably just mold. (Photo credit: Alex Ramsay/Alamy Images)

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the season for haunted houses filled with costumed ghosts. Real haunted houses–ones in which the occupants claim actually to have seen ghosts–often aren’t that fun. One professor of environmental engineering, however, thinks he might know how to get rid of the hauntings completely. Clean! [Read more…]

Growing the Great Pumpkin

giant pumpkin

Giant pumpkins look nothing like the ones that might decorate your doorstep for Halloween. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

For many, “the great pumpkin” may evoke childhood memories of the classic Charlie Brown animated feature, for generations a staple of Halloween-themed television programming. While Linus never ends up seeing the great pumpkin, many amateur gardeners across North America do find pumpkins of giant proportions growing in their backyard pumpkin patches.However, these giant pumpkins don’t just appear overnight. Instead, their appearance is the result of many long hours (and months) of hard work spent by gardeners hoping to grow world-record breaking giant pumpkins. [Read more…]