Think Your Dog is Smart? Probably Not as Smart as the Wolf


Is a wolf smarter than your beloved pet dog?
(Photo credit: Elayne/Fotolia)

You probably think your dog is pretty smart. And you may be right. Dogs sometimes seem to be able to read our minds, knowing exactly what we’re thinking and what we’re going to do before it’s even clear to us. However, recent research indicates that their wild ancestor, the wolf, may have an edge in some intelligence competitions. [Read more…]

Isle Royale Moose-Wolf Research May Come to an End


Isle Royale’s wolf population has dwindled in recent years. (Photo credit: AP Images/Michigan Technological University/John Vucetich)

While the moose population on Isle Royale has consistently grown in number over the past few years, the wolf population is dwindling to record low levels. Do these observations signify the end of the famous long-running Isle Royale moose-wolf population study? [Read more…]