BioZine Art and Photography Credits

When Knowledge and Ethics Collide
Transgenic pig, AP/Wide World Photos
Man with protest sign, AP/Wide World Photos
DNA helix showing base pairs, Illustration by Stephen Durke
Dr. Charmaine Royal © Ron Ceasar

Stem Cell Research—Potential Solutions, Practical Challenges
Stem cells © Professor Miodrag Stojkovic/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Stem cell research © Chris Stewart/San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis

Medical Technology—The Genetic Forefront
Doctors pushing stretcher © Bernardo Bucci/Corbis
Hand with biochip © Sam Ogden/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Researcher with petri dishes © Jim Richardson/Corbis

Drug-Resistant Bacteria—A Global Health Issue
Soccer players © Francisco Leong/AFP/Getty Images
Pill bottle © Hannah Gleghorn/ShutterStock
Petri dish © Hank Morgan/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Dr. Richard Lenski, Photo courtesy of Bruce Fox, MSU
Staph bacteria, courtesy of Janice Henry Carr/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Global Warming—Changing the Planet
Earth showing North Pole and continents © Raymond Gehman/Corbis
Polar bear crossing melted ice © Thomas Nilsen/Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Sediment core analysis, AP/Wide World Photos/ Katsumi Kasahara
Visualization lab © Peter Essick/Aurora/Getty Images

Pandemics—Is the Next One on the Way?
Airport commuters © age fotostock/SuperStock
Computer model virus © Pasieka/Photo Researchers, Inc.
1918 flu pandemic © The Art Archive/Culver Pictures
Airplane © By Ian Miles-Flashpoint Pictures/Alamy
H1N1 influenza virus ©NIAID/BSIP SA/Alamy
Dr. Ben Muneta courtesy of Jana Muneta
Avian flu vaccination © Ali Imam/Reuters/Corbis

Genetically Modified Foods—Do Potential Problems Outweigh Benefits?
Canned tomatoes © Nick Cobbing/Peter Arnold, Inc.
Watermelon © Anastassios Mentis/FoodPix/Jupiter Images
Strawberries © Leonard Lessin/Peter Arnold, Inc.
Lab technician © Matt Meadows/Peter Arnold, Inc.
BioTech protest, Noah Berger/AP/Wide World Photos

The Loss of Biodiversity

Emperor tamarin ©Richard Bowden/Alamy Images
Red stink bug © Gerry Ellis/Minden Pictures
Oil on beach sign © Sally A. Morgan Ecoscene/Corbis
Pseudomonas putida bacteria © Manfred Kage/Peter Arnold, Inc.
Oil spill clean-up © Getty Images
Angel Montoya © The Peregrine Fund
Peregrine falcon © blickwinkel/Alamy

Brain Science—We Are Wired to Learn!
Baby wearing electrode hat © Cary Wolinsky/National Geographic Image Collection
MRI machine ©Francesco Ruggeri/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images
fMRI of hearing brain © WDCN/Univ. College London/Photo Researchers, Inc.
fMRI of language brain © Wellcome Dept. of Cognitive Neurology/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Prof. Rae Nishi © Raj Chawla / UVM College of Medicine

The Spoils of War—How T Cells Refuel to Wage War on Pathogens
Killer T cells devour a fluorescent, infected cell © David Parker and Scott Wetzel/OHSU

Fear and Recovery in Yellowstone
Wolf under pine tree, Tracy Brooks, Mission Wolf/USFWS
Aspen stand, NPS Photo by William W. Dunmire
Reintroduced wolf, NPS Photo by Jim Peaco

Working Out Relieves Depression and Boosts Brain Cells
Running girl, Myles Dumas/
Hippocampus © Ltd
Girls working out, Carmen Martínez/

So Clean, It May Cause Allergies!
Girl using asthma inhaler © Custom Medical Stock/PunchStock
Woman using hand gel © Custom Medical Stock/PunchStock
Girl with hives © Phototake Inc./Alamy Ltd

Fish Flatulence—How Certain Fish Communicate in School
School of herring © Dan Burton/
Atlantic herring © AGphotographer/ShutterStock

Biofuels of the Future
Farmer in field, Brett Hampton/USDA
Switchgrass, Peggy Greb/USDA
Technician harvesting switchgrass, Peggy Greb/USDA

Mysterious Ailment Leading to Massive Die-Off of Bats
Researcher holding bat, Greg Thompson/USFWS
Little brown bat, Greg Turner/Pennsylvania Game Commission
Afflicted bat colony, Greg Thompson/USFWS

Driven to the Edge by a Parasite
Ant with fungus © Biosphoto/Groult Jean-Michel
Cricket and hairworm © Pascal Goetgheluck/Science Photo Library

Great Migrations: A Thing of the Past?
Bison on the road © Colton Stiffler/
Elegant terns © Elliott Brooks/
Zebra Migration © Liz Leyden/

African Frogs Hide A Secret Weapon
Frog foot with claws extended © David C. Blackburn
Stained image of frog bones © David C. Blackburn

Chameleon Spends Most of Its Life in Its Egg
Male Labord’s chameleon © Ken Preston-Mafham/PREMAPHOTOS/
Female Labord’s chameleon © PREMAPHOTOS/

Researchers Link Circadian Rhythms to Learning and Memory
Siberian hamster and seeds © Eric Wong/Shutterstock
Hamster experiment illustration, Susan J. Berg

Raising Turkeys from Thanksgivings Past
Heritage turkeys © Curt Gibbs/ExperienceLA on Flickr
Broad-breasted turkeys © Tom Grundy

A Sea Slug Powered by the Sun
Sea slug © Mary S. Tyler
Alga © Mary Rumpho-Kennedy

Mussels Wreaking Havoc in American Waterways
Quagga mussels, USGS
Quagga distribution map, USFWS/USGS

Deep-Sea Fish Uses Unusual Method to See
Brownsnout spookfish © David Shale/NPL
Spookfish eyes © Dr. Tamara Frank

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!
Painting of Darwin and sister © Sharples/English Heritage Photo Library
Darwin’s study © English Heritage Photo Library

A Shark That Lives Among the Ice
Greenland shark ©
Eye parasite ©

The Impact of Artificial Lights on Wildlife
World at night, Data courtesy Marc Imhoff of NASA GSFC and Christopher Elvidge of NOAA NGDC.
Image by Craig Mayhew and Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC
Chicago at night © Pawel Gaul/iStockphoto

The Curious Case of the Platypus
Platypus sister © Peter Scoones/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Platypus spur © ANT Photo Library/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Platypus swimming © ARCO/Mosebach K/age fotostock

Fuel from Algae
Algae close-up © Julie Fisher/iStockphoto
Algae in flask © Frank Schoettke/iStockPhoto

Putting Worms to Work
Red worms © Suzanne Carter-Jackson /iStockphoto
Compost bin © Maggie Kurcz
Compost and shovel © Sebastien Cote/iStockphoto

‘Hobbit’-sized Hominin May Be New Species
Skull comparison © AFP/Getty Images
Flores cave © Fletcher & Baylis/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Skull © AFP/Getty Images

Some Birds Get Their Groove On, Too
Cockatoo © GlobalP/
Snowball dancing video ©
African gray parrot © artzy/

City Roofs Go Green
Green roof in Montreal, Canada © Megapress/Alamy
California Academy of Sciences living roof © Ambient Images Inc./Alamy

Dragon With A Deadly Bite
Komodo dragon © Wolfgang Kaehler/Alamy
Komodo dragon with open mouth © Anna Yu/Getty Images

Tracking Tigers By Their Scat
Tiger drinking from pool © James Warwick/Getty Images
Scientist measuring tiger prints © Martin Harvey/Corbis

Rock Snot is Nothing to Sneeze At
Person holding rock covered by didymo, S. Spaulding/U.S. Geological Survey
Didymo in streambed, S. Spaulding/U.S. Geological Survey
Didymo sign © David Newton/Alamy

Heritage Turkeys Begin to Make a Comeback
Bourbon Red heritage turkey, © Keith J Smith/Alamy
Thanksgiving feast, © Photodisc/Getty Images
Broad-breasted white turkeys, © INSADCO Photography/Alamy

Hummingbird’s Flight Speed Beats a Fighter Jet
Male Anna’s hummingbird © Tim Zurowski/All Canada Photos/Alamy

Outdoor Cats Significantly Impact Local Wildlife
Cat with bird © Steve Vates/Alamy
Indoor cat © Mark Scheuern/Alamy

Tree With an Ancient Past
Bristlecone pine pinecone © Dennis Flaherty/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Bristlecone pine tree © Brenda Tharp/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Bristlecone pine forest © Stephen Saks Photography/Alamy

Bark Beetles Wreak Havoc in Western U.S. and Canadian Forests
Forest, US Global Change Research Program
Bark beetle, US Global Change Research Program
Lodgepole pine bark © Wave Royalty Free/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Arctic Springtails Dehydrate Selves to Survive Harsh Conditions
Arctic tundra © John Schwieder/Alamy
Antarctic springtail © British Antarctic Survey/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Scientists Find Friction is Key to Snake Movement
Corn snake up close © imagebroker/Alamy
Corn snake full body © Ben Molyneux/Alamy

Using Geographic Profiling to Track Great White Shark Predation
Shark with seal in mouth © Arco Images GmbH/Alamy
Shark hunting seal © Corbis

A Desert Rodent with Unusual Looks
Long-eared jerboa © Jens Schlueter/AFP/Getty Images
Desert jerboas © Tom McHugh/Photo Researchers Inc.

Remaining Salamander Limb Cells Remember Identity After Amputation
Axolotl © Photoshot Holdings Ltd/Alamy

Don’t Throw It All Away!
Household compost bin © Andrew Walters/Alamy
Outdoor compost bin © Cultura/Alamy

Sunk On Purpose
Sinking ship © Michael Patrick O’Neill/Alamy
Artificial reef © Poelzer Wolfgang/Alamy

Gulf Oil Spill Affects Vulnerable Wildlife
Oil-covered bird © Ann Heisenfelt/epa/Corbis
Satellite image of oil spill, Photo by Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team/NASA

Researchers Use DNA Barcodes to Investigate Fern Identify
Plant nursery © Emilio Ereza/Alamy

Where Have All the Bees Gone?
Bee hives © Ken Gillespie Photography/Alamy
Entomologist, Photo by Jay Evans/Agricultural Research Service/USDA

Immunity Down on the Farm
Farm family © Steve Baccon/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Girl and cows © Image Source/Alamy

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Bed bug, Photo by Piotr Naskrecki, Courtesy CDC/ Harvard University, Dr. Gary Alpert; Dr. Harold Harlan; Richard Pollack
Bed bug SEM © Steve Gschmeissner/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Bed bug bites © Ted Pink/Alamy

A Common Ingredient Could Help in Finding a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease
Baker’s yeast © Martyn F. Chillmaid/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Yeast SEM © SciMAT/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Putting Heritage Turkeys Back on the Table
Bourbon Red heritage turkey © Keith J Smith/Alamy
Thanksgiving feast © Photodisc/Getty Images
Broad-breasted white turkeys © INSADCO Photography/Alamy

A Primitive Animal with a Modern Function
Horseshoe crab © Vanessa Vick/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Technician extracting horseshoe crab blood © Andrew J. Martinez/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Farms
Wind farm © Glen Allison/Photodisc/Getty Images
Hoary bat © James Hager/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis

A Bacterium That Thrives on Arsenic
Mono Lake © Image Ideas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Koalas: Australia’s Pickiest Eaters
Koala eating © Purestock/Getty Images
Koala sitting © Joseph Van Os/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A Whale of a Tale
Breaching whale, NOAA
Whale fluke, Photo by J. Waite, OAR/National Undersea Research Program (NURP); National Marine Mammal Lab/NOAA

Getting to Know the Groundhog
Punxsutawney Phil © Corbis
Groundhog © Larry Landolfi/Photo Researchers, Inc.

An Unusual Fish that Lives Deep in the Ocean
Deep sea anglerfish © Peter David/Taxi/Getty Images
Female anglerfish with males attached © Darlyne A. Murawski/Peter Arnold, Inc./Alamy

Loggerhead Sea Turtles Perceive Longitude Magnetically
Sea turtle © Michael Patrick O’Neill / Photo Researchers, Inc.

Sea Squirt “Nanowhiskers” May Help Regrow Human Muscle Tissue
Sea squirt © Andrew J. Martinez/Photo Researchers, Inc

Composting Your Trash with Worms
Household compost bin © Andrew Walters/Alamy
Outdoor compost bin © Cultura/Alamy

Cavefish Don’t Need to See to Find Food
Cavefish © Martin Shields/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Bilingualism and Brain Health
Spanish teacher © Blend Images/Alamy

A Closer Look at the Venus Flytrap
Venus flytraps © Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Venus flytrap eating © James H. Robinson/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Using Stable Isotopes to Identify the Geographic Origin of Food
Wedge of Parmesan cheese © Sue Wilson/Alamy
Bottled water poured into glass © Simon Belcher/Alamy

The Mantis Shrimp: An Unusual Underwater Inhabitant
Mantis shrimp © SuperStock/Alamy
Mantis shrimp eyes © Michael Patrick O’Neill/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Strong Body, Strong Mind
Girls running © Rubberball/Getty Images
Older adults exercising © Keith Brofsky/Photodisc/Getty Images

Cool Your Brain with a Yawn
Girls running © Will & Deni McIntyre/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Bringing Heritage Turkeys Back to the Thanksgiving Table
Bourbon Red heritage turkey © Keith J Smith/Alamy
Thanksgiving feast © Photodisc/Getty Images
Broad-breasted white turkeys © INSADCO Photography/Alamy

Warmer Climate, Shrinking Species?
Drought © Evgeny Dubinchuk/Fotolia
Salamander © Carsten Meyer/Fotolia

A Frog of Many Colors
Poison dart frog © Dennis Flaherty/Photo Researchers, Inc.

The Science Behind a Frog’s Jump
Jumping northern leopard frog © Oxford Scientific

Reconsidering The Value of Non-Native Species
Tamarisk trees © James Steinberg/Photo Researchers, Inc.

A Killer Snail
Cone snail © Jeff Rotman/Alamy

A Jumping Spider’s Pounce Relies on Blurry Vision
Jumping spider © Kam Yee Fong/Alamy

A Mouse That Sings
Deer mouse © Thomas Kitchin and Victoria Hurst/Design Pics Inc./Alamy

A Future Filled with Cyborg Bugs?
Photo courtesy of Clarkson University

A Green Idea: Composting Your Trash
Household compost bin © Andrew Walters/Alamy
Outdoor compost bin © Cultura/Alamy

Ambergris: A Perfume Ingredient with an Unusual Origin
Ambergris © Michael Freeman/Corbis

Common Insecticide Linked to Honeybee Colony Collapse
Bees and honeycomb © B.A.E. Inc./Alamy

West Nile Virus Infections Reach a New High
Mosquito © Sergejs Nescereckis/Alamy

Understanding Squid Camouflage 
Squid © Jeff Rotman/Alamy

Hate Cilantro? Blame Your Genes
Cilantro © Marnie Burkhart/Fancy/Alamy Images

Making Medicine From Snake Venom
Open-mouthed snake © Tom McHugh/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Bring Heritage Breeds Back to the Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving meal © Photodisc/Getty Images
Bourbon red turkey © Keith J Smith/Alamy
Broad-breasted white turkeys © INSADCO Photography/Alamy

Singing Above the Din
Male grasshopper © Photodisc/Getty Images

Preparing for the Flu Season
Flu virus — Illustration courtesy of CDC/ Douglas Jordan

You Are What’s In Your Gut
Enterococcus faecalis — Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture/Washington University

Songbird Survival in Winter
Cardinal in snow © Jaki Good Miller/Getty Images

A Squirrel with a Sweet Tooth
Squirrel © Nancy Rose/Flickr/Getty Images

Oh! What a Tangled Web We Weave
Silk spider © Millard H. Sharp/Science Source

Connecting What You Eat with How You Sleep
Sleeping woman © Photodisc/Getty Images

Unraveling the Mystery of Monarch Migration
Monarch butterflies © Didier Dorval/Radius Images

This Antenna Has Teeth: The Psychic Sawfish
Sawfish © TOM MCHUGH/Getty Images

20 Eco-Friendly Tips to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment
Planet Earth © Digital Vision/Getty Images

A Prehistoric Climate — Warmed by Dinosaurs Passing Gas?
Dinosaur © Linda Bucklin/

One Whale of a Worm
Osedax © The Natural History Museum/Alamy

17-Year Cicadas Swarm the East Coast
Cicada © Shutterstock

Scientists Decode the Language of Prairie Dogs
Prairie dogs © Photodisc/Getty Images

Isle Royale Moose-Wolf Research May Come to an End
Lone wolf © AP Images/Michigan Technological University/John Vucetich

Burgers Made in the Lab
Stem cell burger © POOL/Reuters/Corbis

Growing the Great Pumpkin
Giant pumpkin © Shutterstock

They’re Alive!: Circadian Rhythms in Harvested Fruits and Veggies
Fresh vegetables © MelindaChan/Flickr Open/Getty Images

Bring Heritage Breeds Back to the Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving meal © Photodisc/Getty Images
Bourbon red turkey © Keith J Smith/Alamy
Broad-breasted white turkeys © INSADCO Photography/Alamy

Life From Outer Space
Meteorite © Walter Geiersperger/Corbis

A Long Winter’s Nap No More
Sleeping bear © Ralph A. Clevenger/Corbis

What Does the Fox Say? and Other Tales of Animal Communication
Fox © Kevin Law of London, England/Flickr/Getty Images

How ‘Super’ Are Superfoods?
Collage of superfoods © Marilyn Barbone/Shutterstock

A Ladybug’s Boots Were Made for Walking…
Ladybug © Radius Images/Alamy

The Left-Brain, Right-Brain Myth
Brain © Photodisc/Getty Images

The Glowing Ocean
Glowing dinoflagellates in the ocean © ArtTomCat/Shutterstock

Yes, We Have No Bananas – The Demise of the Cavendish
Bunch of bananas © Muellek Josef/Shutterstock

Pyrosomes: The Ultimate Social Networkers
Pyrosome and SCUBA diver © Mark Conlin/Alamy

20 Eco-Friendly Tips to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment
Planet Earth © Digital Vision/Getty Images

Waste Not, Want Not — Alternative Fuels From Unusual Sources
Tobacco plants © Photodisc/Getty Images

At Chernobyl, Birds Adapting to Radiation
Abandoned building in Chernobyl, Ukraine © Alex Skelly/Flickr/Getty Images

The Strange Story of a Sea Star’s Suppertime 
Sea star © Photodisc/Getty Images

The Science Behind an Airplane Meal’s Lackluster Flavor
airplane meal © Alex Segre/Alamy

Spider Fangs – Perfect for Piercing
spider © Artville/Getty Images

West Africa Ebola Outbreak Surpasses 3700 Infected
Ebola virus Photo courtesy of Frederick A. Murphy/CDC

What Mite Be Getting Under Your Skin?
mite © Eye of Science

Vaccination: Increasing Your Shot at a Long, Healthy Life
vaccine © Richard Shock/Corbis

Bring Heritage Breeds Back to the Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving meal © Photodisc/Getty Images
Bourbon red turkey © Keith J Smith/Alamy
Broad-breasted white turkeys © INSADCO Photography/Alamy

Where Do Insects Go When it Snows?
stonefly © Photo Fun/Shutterstock

Revamping the Reputation of the Vampire Bat
vampire bat © Kozoriz Yuriy/Shutterstock

How Do Trees Survive the Long, Dark Winter?
wintry trees © Corbis

A Waning Rodent Species and Its Connection to the California Drought
Belding’s ground squirrel © iStockphoto/Getty Images

Getting to Know the Groundhog
Punxsutawney Phil © Corbis
Groundhog © Larry Landolfi/Photo Researchers, Inc.

The Heart of the Matter
human heart © Tlorna/Shutterstock

40 Eco-Friendly Tips to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment
Planet Earth © Digital Vision/Getty Images

Modern Genetics Confirms Evolutionary Relationship Between Fins and Hands
spotted gar © blickwinkel/Hartl Alamy

Spider Goat, Spider Goat . . . Her Milk Could Make a Bulletproof Coat
golden orb spider © Christopher Meder/Getty Images

Does Your Facewash Have a Dirty Little Secret?
girl washing face © Blend Images/Alamy

Quinoa: The Mother Grain
growing quinoa © Corbis

Waste Not, Want Not–Reducing Food Waste in America
food waste © g215/Shutterstock

Drones Launch Wildlife Research to New Heights
launching drone © Sander van Andel/REX Shutterstock/Associated Press
chimpanzee population monitoring © Sander van Andel/REX Shutterstock/Associated Press

When Injured, the Moon Jellyfish Doesn’t Repair. It Recycles!
moon jellyfish © Byba Sepit/Moment/Getty Images

Ebola Vaccine Trials Prove Successful
Ebola vaccine trial © Abbas Dulleh/AP Images

Who You Gonna Call? Moldbusters!
moldy wall © Alex Ramsay/Alamy Images

Sweet Potatoes Genetically-Modified by Bacteria 8000 Years Ago
sweet potato © mama_mia/Shutterstock

The Resilient Water Bear Reveals its Genetic Secrets
water bear © Eye of Science/Science Source

The Cockroach Communication Network
cockroach © Erik Karits/Shutterstock

Please Don’t Stop the Music
teen band © Radius Images/Alamy

Do You Smell a Rat … Or Should the Rat Smell You?
African giant pouched rat © Penny Boyd/Alamy Stock Photo

10 Questions about the Zika Virus, Answered
mosquito © Anest/Shutterstock

What Wombats Leave Behind
wombat © covenant/Shutterstock
wombat scat © Rob Walls/Alamy Stock Photo

50 Eco-Friendly Tips to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment
Planet Earth © Digital Vision/Getty Images

Sleep Like a Dolphin
dolphin © urosr/Shutterstock

New Research Connects the Brain to the Immune System
human illustration © PIXOLOGICSTUDIO/Getty Images

Meet the Dung Beetle, Keen Navigator by Starlight
dung beetle © Cathy Withers-Clarke/Shutterstock

Hate Cilantro? Blame Your Genes
cilantro © Marnie Burkhart/Fancy/Alamy Images

Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes to Birdsong
singing bird © zakharov aleksey/Shutterstock Images

A “Sixth Sense”? It May Be in Your Genes
blindfolded woman © Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

Measles Declared Eradicated in the Region of the Americas
measles virus illustration © Mehau Kulyk/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Convinced Your Dog is Smart? You Might Be Right
dog © bobbymn/

What’s That Smell?
corpse flower © Isabelle OHara/Shutterstock

The Secret’s in the Knots
brown recluse spider © Miles Boyer/Shutterstock

Promising New Drug Prevents Spread of Melanoma
dermatologist checking patient’s moles © JPC-PROD/Shutterstock

52 Environmental Things to Do for Earth Day (and Every Day)
Planet Earth © Digital Vision/Getty Images

A Breath of Fresh Fructose?
naked mole rat © Ger Bosma/Alamy

Scientists Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis
strip of blue LEDs © Mifid/Shutterstock

Want to Prevent Algal Blooms? Toilet Train Birds
cormorants on rock © EAGiven/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

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Chirping Rat © Michael Durham/Minden Pictures
Paleozoic coal forest © Laurie O’Keefe/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Pygmy seahorse © Matthew Oldfield, ScubaZoo/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Bactrian camel © James L. Stanfield/National Geographic/Getty Images
Archaea © Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Froghopper © Joe Goodson/ShutterStock
The Sneeze © Yoav Levy/Phototake
The Heart © Sebastian Kaulitzki/ShutterStock
Tennis Court © Yakobchuk Vasyl/ShutterStock
Nephron tubules © Dennis Kunkle/Phototake-All rights reserved
Polar Bear © Luis César Tejo/ShutterStock
SEM of cross section of Polar bear insulating hair © Andrew Syred/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Hot spring at Yellowstone © Jason Maehl/ShutterStock
Ostrich and Hummingbird eggs © Frans Lanting/Corbis
Ostrich running © D. & J. Bartlett/OSF/Animals Animals/Earth Scenes. All rights reserved
Howler monkey © Jaana Piira/ShutterStock
Follicle mite © Andrew Syred/Photo Researchers, Inc.
Garbage pile © David Sailors/Corbis
Swiss cheese © Nadezda Firsova/ShutterStock
Red blood cells in epithelium © Ed Reschke/Peter Arnold, Inc.
Red blood cells on capillary wall © Dennis Kunkel/Phototake-All rights reserved
SEM of cat hairs © Volker Steger/Photo Researchers, Inc.
SEM of Cladosporium © Dennis Kunkle/Phototake-All rights reserved